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Wellbeing & Selfhealing

Conscious Energy Touch & Reiki & Trance Healing &

Spiritual Healing as a complementary therapy:

My deep wish is to help you to find inner freedom with all your experiences and feelings, whatever wounds

 you are carrying and

 to show you your unique beauty.​

 Our human body needs to be touched to find out more about the deeper secrets of our being. Touch is a language of love and gives us the energy to embrace all that is.


Energy Healing is a hands-on-healing and contact healing technique where energy flows throughout the body. It can promote deep relaxation and healing  on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. It can help release blocked energy, maintain balance and prevent disease. 

It can

 speed physical healing,

 minimises pain and boost energy levels.


Trance Healing is a mediumship where we ask the Spirit World for help. Healing energy is channeled 

through the body of the healer. Healing doesn't always mean that you are free of symtoms, but it does help you to be in peace with you and your situation.

" I love myself just the way I am."

Often healing  starts on the spiritual, mental emotional level before it can begin on the external.

 I guide you with Consciousness and loving Awareness.