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Just be

vibrant and refreshed

Nourishing conscious touch is a basic human need. Combined with Energy Healing it can help your Body & Heart & Soul to feel happy  and healthy.



whole and complete 


Taking time for yourself is a act of self-love and
self-esteem. Being in the present moment of a Energy Healing Session can help you being centered in your body and feeling your unique  beauty. You can be open to receive everything - You are powerfull, whole & complete. 





Empower yourself by accepting every part of you and letting go everything what is not serving you anymore.

Conscious encounter with yourself and meeting up in a Healing Circle with other people can serve you

on your journey.


 You can come and visit me for a session 

uniquely tailored for your needs.

I offer Conscious Touch, Reiki, Energy Healing, 

Spiritual Healing & Trance Healing.

We will have time to talk and find out what you need

 in this very special moment.


Love & Light



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